Dance, Festival


Organised by: Singapore Managament University
  • Date:
    8 Sep 2019
  • Time:
    2:30pm, 7:30pm
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    SMU Hall, School Of Law
    SMU Hall, School Of LawSMU Hall, School Of Law
  • Language:


Legenda is a triple-bill dance spectacular headlined by mermaids, sinister sea spirits, swordfish, pirates, an evil sultan and a valiant boy – their stories intricately woven into an epic production involving themes of love, death and the afterlife.

Inspired by the traditional Malay art of Wayang Kulit or shadow puppetry and backed by evocative animation, the production takes you on a mythical journey with SMU Ardiente's sultry los bailarines, SMU INDANCITY's contemporary dancers and SMU Funk Movement's poppers and lockers as they slip in and out of colourful characters to recreate three beloved Singaporean fables surrounding Bukit Merah, Dragon's Teeth Gate and Pulau Hantu.