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剧本阅读 (新剧节2019) Script Readings (SCLTA New Works Festival 2019)

Organised by: 新华剧体 Singapore Chinese Language Theatre Alliance
  • Date:
    8 Sep 2019
  • Time:
    11:00am: Dancing Glory 坚强的阿花
    2:30pm: Let Go Lightly 轻的声音
    5:00pm: The Costume 戏服
  • Duration:
    2h each session
  • Venue:
    Esplanade Theatre Studio
    Esplanade Theatre StudioEsplanade Theatre Studio
  • Language:
  • Admission:
    Each ticket includes admission to script reading sessions at 11am, 2.30pm and 5pm. Patrons can choose to attend any or all sessions.



Dancing Glory 《坚强的阿花》
导演: 张子健
编剧: 吴惜爱
演员: 王德亮 和 符妙娟






参与演出地剧场作品包括:《告别:身体十六章》(2014年澳门艺术节),《大卫必佳》(2008/2013),《远角》,《绿帽王》,《棺材太大洞太小》(2010华艺节),《大歹纪》,《天使性》(2008 OCBC艺术节)等。

Let Go Lightly 《轻的声音》
创意制作人: 莫萃尹
导演: 钟达成
编剧: 陈宇泱
演员: 李邪,詹辉振,卓桂枝,郭沛珊,郑光辉,蔡铭仁



陈宇泱毕业于新加坡国立大学戏剧系。 她曾接受过ECNAD,Cake Theatrical Productions,十指帮剧场和九年剧场的培训。 身为演员,作家和戏剧制作人的宇泱对儿童剧场也颇有心得。宇泱也是十指帮剧场的成员之一。

The Costume 《戏服》
编剧/导演: 颜橦
研究助理: 余莉那
制作经理: 黃敏洁
演员: 郭艺清, 郑祖鵬,陈威穎, 张文杨, 余莉那,杨国修

广东南来的梁炳宏虽热爱戏曲, 却选择放弃梦想。后来他的孙子,梁剑秋在粤剧坛崭露头角,只可惜粤剧已渐没落,剑秋也从此不知所踪...




SCLTA, in collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, presents New Works Festival 2019 which will showcase dramatised readings of three brand new original works by emerging theatre professionals, Zelda Tatiana Ng, Ellison Tan Yuyang and Seok Ai.

Dancing Glory 《坚强的阿花》
Director: Chong Tze Chien
Playwright: Goh Seok Ai
Actors: Leanne Ong and Regina Foo

ah hua, an average girl
born in a normal family
leading what seems to be a normal
unusual life

seems ordinary yet a little extraordinary...
seems typical yet a little uncommon...
a story of a "person"...

"As an adult, we rarely want to listen to another person's story, especially that of an ordinary person. But an ordinary person may be leading an unusual life that we don't know of, which is why I wrote this story."
– Goh Seok Ai

This is the first play written by an ordinary person, Seok Ai.

About Goh Seok Ai

Goh Seok Ai has been involved in theatre as an actor since 2002.

Her theatre credits include: Farewell: The Body in 16 Chapters (2014 Macao Arts Festival), David The Best (2008/2013), A Far, The Magnanimous Cuckold, Coffin is Too Big for the Hole (Huayi - Chinese Festival 2010), The News Busters aka Dua Dai Ji, Angel-ism (2008 OCBC Arts Festival), just to name a few.

Let Go Lightly 《轻的声音》
Creative Producer: Mok Cui Yin
Director: Oliver Chong
Playwright: Ellison Yuyang Tan
Actors: Li Xie, Alvin Chiam, Doreen Toh, Jo Kwek, Tay Kong Hui and Shawn Chua

A radio station struggles to stay afloat in the face of multiple factors threatening to shut it down. A group of passionate radio DJs plough on fervently, fighting for what they believe in, never backing down even when the fight is forcibly taken from them. Is our identity shaped by the desire to fight for what we believe in? Is that identity altered forever if the fight is taken away from us? What, or who, has allowed this to happen?

Let Go Lightly spans three decades, telling the story of a fictional radio station, its gradual decline and eventual closure, and the people who tried to keep it alive.

About Ellison Yuyang Tan
Ellison Tan Yuyang graduated from the National University of Singapore with a major in Theatre Studies. She is a firm believer in constant training, and has trained with ECNAD, Cake Theatrical Productions, The Finger Players and Nine Years Theatre. She is an actor, writer and theatre-maker.

In 2015, Ellison was accepted into the Next Generation Program in Tokyo, a three-year program that aims to grow emerging artists specifically in the field of Theatre for Young Audiences. Ellison is a core member of The Finger Players.

The Costume《戏服》
Director/Playwright: Zelda Tatiana Ng
Research Assistant: Lina Yu
Production Manager: Clarisse Ng
Cast: Sonia Kwek, Derrick Tay, Tan Weiying, Chong Woon Yong, Lina Yu, Yeo Kok Siew

When the 15-year-old Hong arrived in Singapore from Guangdong in the 1930s, Cantonese Opera was very popular. Hong loved opera but chose to give it up for practical reasons. Years later, his grandson Qiu became an opera star. However, Qiu's fame was short-lived as interest in Cantonese Opera declined in the 1960s. A depressed Qiu chose to leave home and thus becomes uncontactable.

Spanning across 80 years of social-political development and the rise and fall of Cantonese Opera in Singapore through the eyes of the three generations, The Costume is the first stage adaptation of the novel by Cultural Medallion recipient Yeng Pway Ngon.

About Zelda Tatiana Ng
A graduate from the pioneer cohort of Theatre Training & Research Programme (now Intercultural Theatre Institute), Zelda Tatiana Ng is the Founder & Creative Director of GroundZ-0 原。空间, a theatre company which aims to explore/produce multilingual/cross-cultural works.

Her latest works include – Shadows IN the Walls (Creator/Director, commissioned by National Gallery Singapore for Light to Night Festival 2019), 0600 (Director, commissioned by the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018) and Always on My Mind (Director/Playwright, presented by The Finger Players at Gekio Asia Playwright Competition 2017 -Top Judges' Score, Nagoya).

剧本阅读 (新剧节2019) Script Readings (SCLTA New Works Festival 2019)