Kamakshi - A Dancer's Journey Within

Organised by: Madhuri Suresh
  • Date:
    10 Aug 2019
  • Time:
    Show 1: 6:00pm
    Show 2: 8:30pm
  • Duration:
    1h 15min
  • Venue:
    Drama Centre, Black Box
    Drama Centre, Black BoxDrama Centre, Black Box
  • Language:
    Tamil, English
  • Admission:
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Self-doubt and insecurities. The biggest hurdles on the path to realising our passion.

"Who am I? Why do I dance? What does this mean to me?"

Join the journey of this dancer as she aims to redefine her relationship with Bharatanatyam. Upon reflecting, she embraces a significant relationship in her life that moulds her passion – her grandmother; dancer, teacher and choreographer.

Trying to draw a parallel between their journeys, she discovers the beauty in the journey of pursing arts. The value of tradition develops through the relationship of two individuals from different generations and different backgrounds brought together, with their love for Bharatanatyam.

Music Composition & Vocals: Chitra Poornima
Nattuvangam: Lakshmi Krishnan
Mridangam: D Rajagopal
Violin: Pavan Sugosh

Kamakshi -  A Dancer's Journey Within