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Pestariasi 9 - Terang

Organised by: Variasi Performing Arts
  • Date:
    12, 13 Jul 2019
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    The Arts House Play Den
    The Arts House Play DenThe Arts House Play Den
  • Language:
    Malay, with English subtitles


A modern theater play "Terang", translated as "Bright", sheds light on a boy by the name of Dani whose passion in drawing attracts the attention of bullies who tries to stop him from pursuing his interest.

Dani struggles seeking fulfillment in life; discovering the true meaning of friendship along the way and finding the will to provide a better life for his family. His life evolves with Teddy's presence, who is always there for him in good times and bad times.

"Terang" allows the audience to go through the obstacles in Dani's life with possible or impossible solutions. Teddy, on the other hand, will manipulate the minds of many with his presence to lead Dani to a brighter, more rewarding life, despite the darkness.

Pestariasi 9 - Terang