Talk/Workshop, Zabbalang

From Floating Life to Open Homes: Exploring Cultural Exchange between Asia and Australia

Organised by: Asia-Europe Foundation and the NUS Cultural Research Centre
  • Date:
    8 Jul 2019
  • Time:
    Registration starts at 6:45pm
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  • Venue:
    The Projector, Blue Room
    The Projector, Blue RoomThe Projector, Blue Room
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ASEAN-Australia connections have been high on the political agenda in the recent years. Political, security, trade, education and development links have been formalised and growing.

But where do cultural relations and co-operation between Asia and Australia stand? What are some past and present modes and forms of cultural exchanges and collaborations, particularly from the context of Singapore? What roles do the arts and culture play in enabling meaningful dialogue and fostering mutual understanding? What sectors are better connected and where are the weak links? What role do public agencies play in promoting closer cultural ties? What are some best practices and pitfalls that arts and cultural practitioners should be aware of?

Join us for a stimulating conversation with professional and academic experts from the field, about the possibilities of cultural exchange between Asia and Australia, particularly in a globalised world where borders are increasingly fluid, but yet also progressively polarised.

This session is co-produced with the Cultural Research Centre, a newly-launched cultural research incubator based in the Department of Communications and New Media at the National University of Singapore, and features Asialink, Australia's leading centre for the promotion of public understanding of the countries in Asia and Australia's role in the region.


Penny BURT | Group CEO, Asialink
Pippa DICKSON | Director, Asialink Arts

Audrey YUE | Professor in Media, Culture & Critical Theory,
National University Singapore (NUS)

Anupama SEKHAR | Director, Culture, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)