National Youth Film Awards 2018 Screenings @ Shilin Night Market

Organised by: National Youth Film Awards 2019
  • Date:
    19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 Apr 2019
  • Time:
  • Venue:
    The Ground@Kranji, 1 Turf Club Ave, Singapore 738078
    The Ground@Kranji, 1 Turf Club Ave, Singapore 738078The Ground@Kranji, 1 Turf Club Ave, Singapore 738078
  • Admission:


Come catch the best of the National Youth Film Awards 2018 (NYFA) at the Shilin Night Market!

A selection of NYFA 2018 short films including a number of films that have gone on to be featured in several international film festivals will be playing. Be inspired by our youths of Singapore while digging into Shilin's famous street food. Submissions for NYFA 2019 are currently underway until end May so who knows, maybe it will inspire you to participate as well!

CA$H (PG) – Four cashier aunties lock themselves up inside the supermarket late at night to protest after discovering that they will be replaced by a cashless payment system. We follow them throughout the night as they resist the management's threats and each other's stance on this issue.

Rotan (PG13) – Malay for rattan, a plant whose wood was used for canings, Rotan tells the story of father and son's relationship. The discipline master of his son's school, the father has to grapple with his principles when his rebellious son, attempting to fit in, breaks the school rules.

Buying Back Grace (PG) – After conceiving her child, Ying sells the baby to settle her outstanding debts, accumulated from compulsive gambling. Eng Huat, her husband, had no knowledge of this transaction, and soon finds out that $20,000 is the cost of buying his daughter back. Through the journey of getting their baby back, Eng Huat and Ying learn to overcome their fear of parenthood, embrace their strengths and forgive their shortcomings.

The Crematorium Man (PG13) – A crematorium worker moonlights for a syndicate in Singapore by helping them dispose of the bodies of their dead victims. His secret job becomes more personal when his only friend and neighbour then becomes one of his victims.

Joyride (PG) – Single mother, Jess, is struggling between pleasing her hospice-bound elderly mother Yoke, and doing whatever she wants to do. During their day out, there is a clash of ideals between the three women, and their day full of domestic squabbles is cut short when Yoke's condition inadvertently worsens.

The Shilin Night Market runs for two weekends from 19 - 21 April and 26 - 28 April, and NYFA films will be screened each day at 7.15pm.

Fri 19 Apr
- Rotan (PG13), 14min
- CA$H (PG), 12min

Sat 20 Apr
- Joyride (PG), 15min
- The Crematorium Man (PG13), 19min

Sun 21 Apr
- Buying Back Grace (PG), 20min
- CA$H (PG), 12min

NYFA 2019 is now open for entries, from now till 31st May.

National Youth Film Awards 2018 Screenings @ Shilin Night Market