Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

Story Fundamentals: Examining the Raw Elements of Storytelling for Fiction, Screenplays, Graphic Novels, and Video Games

Organised by: Singapore Book Council
  • Date:
    23 Mar 2019
  • Time:
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  • Venue:
    Singapore Book Council Training Room
    Singapore Book Council Training RoomSingapore Book Council Training Room
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  • Admission:
    Purchase tickets to 2 workshops under the Open: Singapore Young Writers Lab series, and attend a third one for free. Email with a screenshot of your 2 tickets, and indicate the third workshop (of a lower value) that you wish to attend to receive this discount.

    Purchase 10 or more tickets in a group to the workshops under this series to receive a 25% bulk discount. Email with the names, school(s), email address and contact numbers, and the workshops that the participants are signing up for to receive this discount.

    This programme is eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant subsidy.


Explore the fundamentals of storytelling in all narrative genres, from epic poems to novels, short stories, screenplays, jokes, and video games.

Many people can speak of a story's beginning, middle and end, but can you distinguish their nature and function? Learn the ingredients and operations of each narrative phase and their transposition into three-act narratives (for page, screen and performance), and discuss the unique challenges of writing for video games. What is a writer's role in the creation of a game? Is there room in games for engaging stories? What is the balance between telling the player a story and having the player tell their own story? Understand how to take your skills in traditional narrative forms and translate them to new interactive mediums.

Participants will learn to write for an interactive medium, and better understand the challenges of writing games and how to leverage their narrative skills to succeed in the world of video game writing in this workshop led by Dr. Darryl Whetter, the inaugural Programme Leader for the Creative Writing master's degree at LASALLE Colllege of the Arts and Joel Janisse, Assistant Narrative Director at Ubisoft, Singapore.

This workshop is part of Open: Singapore Young Writers Lab, organised by Singapore Book Council.