Music, Festival

Rona Budaya by Orkestra Sri Temasek

Organised by: Arts in Your Neighbourhood
Performed by: Orkestra Sri Temasek
  • Date:
    17 Mar 2019
  • Time:
  • Venue:
    Ang Mo Kio Central
    Ang Mo Kio CentralAng Mo Kio Central


Embark on a musical journey through the rich colours and history of Malay traditional music such as inang, joget, zapin and asli.

Learn how to play mini kompangs and pupuiks, and be delighted by a "Makcik Concerto" in this fun and interactive setting.

Be prepared to sing, dance and even be a part of the orchestra in this performance!

This programme is in collaboration with the National Arts Council's Traditional Arts initiative.

Orkestra Sri Temasek (OrST) is an upcoming Malay ethnic orchestra in Singapore that uses both traditional Malay instruments like the gambus, rebana and marwas, and western instruments like the violin, accordion and mandolin in the same setup. With this unique setup, OrST is known for its collection of music from the four different genres of the Malay music, namely asli, inang, joget and zapin.