Always Every Time

Organised by: GroundZ-0 原。空間
Performed by: Lina Yu 余莉那, Liow Shi Suan 劉詩璇, Adib Kosnan and Saiful Amri
  • Date:
    28 - 31 Mar 2019
  • Time:
    8:00pm for all shows on all dates (with additional 3:00pm show on 30 & 31 Mar)
  • Duration:
    2h (with intermission)
  • Venue:
    The Arts House Play Den
    The Arts House Play DenThe Arts House Play Den
  • Language:
    Mandarin & Cantonese, English & Malay
  • Admission:
    $30.69 - $48.12 (Various Packages)


Always Every Time is a doublebill comprising two plays: 《我在你左右》performed in Mandarin and Cantonese and Tiap Kali Aku... performed in Malay and English.

Always Every Time explores the parent-child relationship and its intricate dynamics, within a 20-minute window when life and death intersects. In this crucial moment of their lives, the characters are compelled to confront their fears, insecurities, apprehension, disappointment and pain. It is now or never.

Always on My Mind (我在你左右)
The final 20 minutes of a woman's life, and her daughter confronts their relationship by re-visiting a lifetime of memories. An emotional journey fraught with pain and discontentment underpinned by love & affection.

Directed and written by Zelda Tatiana Ng 颜橦.
Cast: Liow Shi Suen 刘诗璇 & Lina Yu 余莉那.

Tiap Kali Aku... (Every Time I...)
The prophet Muhammad once said that the father lays out the best path to paradise. How then, does one lay out this path for his child? Tiap Kali Aku... is a reflective look at fatherhood and the responsibilities that appear with it. As a man embarks on the final 20 minutes before his child's impending arrival, he looks back on the role a father figure (or lack of one), had on his life, from his own first breath to the present moment in time.

Directed and written by Adib Kosnan.
Cast: Adib Kosnan & Saiful Amri.

Always Every Time