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A Place For Us: Conversations on Seeing

Organised by: Ethos Books
Performed by: Cassandra Chiu and Eunice Olsen
  • Date:
    9 Mar 2019
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Gateway Theatre
    Gateway TheatreGateway Theatre
  • Language:
    English with option of sign language interpreter and note-taking


Presenting A Place For Us, an impactful account of a woman's journey with her guide dog as they navigate their everyday lives.

In Conversation with Cassandra Chiu
Hosted by Eunice Olsen
(This book launch is a free event and open to public. RSVP here

For persons with disability, what has changed for the better in the social landscape of Singapore, and what has not? What sort of change is achievable during a person's (or a dog's) lifetime?

In A Place For Us, Cassandra Chiu writes about her growing-up years in 1980s Singapore, chronicling how her life unfolds with the onset of Stargardt disease, which causes progressive vision loss. Through a journey that comprises motherhood, pursuing an education and building a career as a psychotherapist, Cassandra continues to strive towards true independence alongside her guide dog, Esme.

An advocate for equal rights for persons with disability, Cassandra will be sharing with us personal observations and lessons from the last 7 years with Esme, and what she sees as next steps from here.

*For those who require note-takers or sign language interpreters, do drop us a message before 28 February.

In Partnership with The Finger Players
Shoutout to The Finger Players 十指帮 hosting the book launch as part of their upcoming production Not In My Lifetime?, examining the special education system in Singapore and the people in it. We've also partnered up to bring you an exclusive book and ticket deal at a special price, limited to only 40 sets! For more information and to order your bundle:

A Place For Us: Conversations on Seeing