Postcards From The Past: A Vocal Recital

Organised by: Dennis Lin Junhong/ Lee Kah Hong Bernard
Performed by: Dennis Lin, Jonathan Khoo, Grace Kuo, Angie Ng and The Singing Circle
  • Date:
    15 Dec 2018
  • Time:
  • Duration:
    90min with intermission
  • Venue:
    The Arts House Living Room
    The Arts House Living RoomThe Arts House Living Room
  • Language:
    Songs in English, Mandarin, Italian & French
  • Admission:
    Standard: $22 (15 Nov - 15 Dec)
    Early Bird: 20% discount (1 - 14 Nov)
    Bundle of 4 pax: 15% discount (15 Nov - 15 Dec)


Travel back in time with us to evoke those memories that made all our childhood special. Relive the long-forgotten experiences of a child's naivety, a toddler's playfulness and a teen's angst through our selection of art songs and crossover pieces. Also, on this trip down memory lane enjoy the sprinkle of stardust on the Christmas festivity with a special performance by The Singing Circle.

Postcards From The Past: A Vocal Recital