Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop

Kneading Kala: An Artist-led Workshop with Shapeshifting Stories

Organised by: Singapore Art Museum
Performed by: Zarina Muhammad
  • Date:
    24 Nov 2018
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    SAM at 8Q, Workshop space, Level 2
    SAM at 8Q, Workshop space, Level 2SAM at 8Q, Workshop space, Level 2
  • Language:
  • Admission:
  • Advisory:
    12 years old and above


"How many numinous spirits are left in our midst? Who stands, sits, crouches, watches from the threshold? The names of many a sea-faring, earthy, chthonic, tree-inhabiting, flapping, winged avian spirit, deity, guardian spirit or spiritual benefactor continue to make its presence felt across the cultural imaginaries of Maritime Southeast Asia."

Come pen a letter or unleash your imagination in creating little figurines in remembrance of the stories of imagined, mythic or historical guardians of the hills, land and seas, in this artist-led workshop with #PresidentsYoungTalents artist, Zarina Muhammad.

This workshop is suitable for ages 12 and up and participants are welcome to bring additional materials like beads.