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Toby's Journey

Organised by: CausewayEXchange
Performed by: School of Technology for the Arts, Republic Polytechnic
  • Date:
    21, 22 Sep 2018
  • Time:
    21 Sep: 3:00pm
    22 Sep: 11:00am & 3:00pm
  • Duration:
    90min (45min Craft workshop + 45min Showtime)
  • Venue:
    The Arts House, Play Den
    The Arts House, Play DenThe Arts House, Play Den
  • Language:
  • Admission:
    $80 Package of 4

  • Advisory:
    An all-inclusive show suitable for kids aged 3 – 7 Years.


Toby's Journey
a sensory-friendly production

The story follows the Malaysian turtle, Toby, who travels the underwater world of the Causeway in search of his friends who live on the other side in Singapore.

On his way, under the busy traffic of the Causeway bridge, he meets two friends - Finn and Quinn who helps guideTobyon his journey. Suddenly, a tropical storm caused by climate change wrecks havoc and separates all of them in the deep blue sea. Toby the Turtle now lost and confused, finds himself deep under a mysterious reef where he meets a strange new creature – Olly, who is in need of help to clean up her polluted reef.
With the reef finally cleared for takeoff, Toby continues his journey across the under-waters of the Causeway.

"Learning the importance of keeping our oceans clean, as well as recycling"

*all kids are to be accompanied by an adult

Toby's Journey