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Shut Up And Dance: Satori (悟り) - Through the Times (NUS Arts Festival 2018)

Organised by: NUS Centre For the Arts
Performed by: NUS Dance Blast!
  • Date:
    15, 16 Sep 2018
  • Time:
  • Duration:
    1h, 15min intermission
  • Venue:
    NUS University Cultural Centre Hall
    NUS University Cultural Centre HallNUS University Cultural Centre Hall


In 1966, the Beatles performed their first and last concert at the Nippon Budokan arena in Tokyo, galvanising a generation of Japanese rock 'n' rollers.

Inspired by this rock 'n' roll culture and together with Japanese guest choreographer, Akanen Miyoshi, Satori (悟り) – Through the Times follows the journey of a girl with multiple identities: a granddaughter with a close relationship with her grandfather; a proud owner of a record shop; and an aspiring singer-songwriter obsessed with rock 'n' roll.

In a time when many settle for performing cover versions, how will she navigate through popular culture to find her own sound?

Satori (悟り) - Through the Times will be an exploration of individuality and aspirations through a creative dance narrative brought to you by members of NUS Dance Blast! under the direction of Patrick Loo.