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Moon Landing: Dancing in September

Organised by: The Moon
  • Date:
    21 Sep 2018
  • Time:
    5:00pm - midnight
  • Venue:
    The Moon, 37 Mosque Street, Singapore 059515
    The Moon, 37 Mosque Street, Singapore 059515The Moon, 37 Mosque Street, Singapore 059515
  • Admission:


September 21, night of the waxing gibbous moon; we have finally landed. We're The Moon, a bookstore with a cafe and event space. We have orchestrated a list of acts and activities to make your journey away from earth for the first time unforgettable, to paraphrase Earth, Wind, and Fire, you will remember the twenty-first night of September.

With a slew of events that truly celebrate our ethos of collaboration, all acts and activities are collaborative in a way or another. Collaborate with us to capture the event, collaborate with a poet to bring a piece of The Moon back to Earth, collaborate with a band to steer the vibe of their set, and so much more that will leave you, your friends, your family, your strangers some place in the same place.

Activity Overview
Tarot Card reading in the room of requirement
Letter Press bookmarks by Fingersmith
Pick a theme and pocket a poem by Nihilismist
Capture The Moon Landing on film

8-10pm, PUPA , @Cafeteria
9-10pm, Fauxe x Akid Amir, @Over_The_Moon
10-11pm, Cravism x Subhas, @Over_The_Moon
11pm-12pm, Deborah Emmanuel x Roach Show @Over_The_Moon

About Acts & Activity

Tarot Card Reading in the Room of Requirement
We've got a hidden room named aptly after our love for Harry Potter in The Moon! It's up to you find it, the book you bring home might be told through the Tarot.

Letterpress Bookmarks by The Fingersmith Letterpress
Bring back to earth a hand-lettered and pressed bookmark on the spot for free to commemorate The Moon's landing by FingerSmith LetterPress (

Pick a Theme and Pocket a Poem
Spoken word poet and resident Moon writer, nihilismist is a known lunatic and word boy. Armed with a typewriter, theme cards and his imagination, pay the boy $10 to bring one of his poems back to earth (he's also the narcissistic creep writing his own write-up), all proceeds go to feedings his pug and French bulldog.

Capture The Moon Landing on Film
This is not a hoax, it's one small snap for man, one giant album for The Moon! Loan a film camera from us and capture the evening in 35mm, return the camera and film to us at the end of the night then wait for us to send it to your email and check them on our socials!

Moon Landing: Dancing in September