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Horizons of the Mind: Art Works by Sang Huoyao

Organised by: Linda Gallery
  • Date:
    18 Aug - 8 Oct 2018
  • Time:
    10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Venue:
    MoCa@Loewen, Dempsey Hill
    MoCa@Loewen, Dempsey HillMoCa@Loewen, Dempsey Hill
  • Admission:


Linda Gallery Beijing is proud to present Sang Huoyao's first solo exhibition in Southeast Asia, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Singapore. An artist who has dedicated decades to the exploration of Modernist ink experiments, his paintings are constructed out of the fundamental elements of water, ink, and silk – the essential components of ink art from the Tang Dynasty. Basing his practice on the ancient philosophy of Lao Zhuang (老莊), a school of thought derived from the teachings of Lao Zi (老子) and Zhuang Zi(莊子)that forms the tenets of Taoism, Sang strives to achieve the state of Jing Xiang (境象), a state of immateriality that is expressive of the idiom 'Da Dao Wu Xing' (大道無型) that is expounded by Taoism. By layering thin veils of ink on silk, Sang has brought out the luminosity of the medium, thus illustrating the tonal possibilities of the ink medium. At the same time, his works exude an aesthetic that is reminiscent of the cultivated expression of the literati, while being simultaneously accessible to an international audience.

A renowned contemporary ink artist from China, Sang Huoyao's academic and artistic expertise is much sought after by numerous prestigious institutions. As a National First level artist, he has a seat on the Artistic Committee of the China Academy of Art, and is also the Vice President of the Chinese Imperial Art Academy. Born in 1963, he graduated from the China Academy of Art in Chinese art with a master's degree. Adding to this multi-varied background is also his experience as a researcher in the 'Wu Guanzhong Research Center" in Tsinghua University. His works have been acquired by the National Art Museum of China, the Shanghai Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum, Guangdong Art Museum, as well as the Today Art Museum in Beijing. They can also be found at the venue of the G20 Hangzhou Summit under long term display. In the art market, his paintings have been auctioned by various important auction houses, including Sotheby's Hong Kong. He now lives and works in Beijing.

Featuring more than 40 poetic works from Sang Huoyao's ground breaking newest series, Horizons of the Mind: Art Works by Sang Huoyao is a contemporary manifestation of the ancient ink and wash landscape paintings that date from the Northern Song Dynasty (960 – 1127). Exhibiting in Southeast Asia for the first time, the luminous works will be on display in the lush surrounds of MoCa@Loewen through the months of August to October

Opening Reception: 18th August 2018 4.28 pm
The Artist will be present.

Exhibition Period: 18th August to 8th October 2018
Venue: MoCa@Loewen (Museum of Contemporary Art)
27A Loewen Road Dempsey Area Singapore 248839