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The Illusion of Truth (Asian Premiere)

Organised by: StoryFest: International Storytelling Festival Singapore
  • Date:
    3 Jun 2018
  • Time:
  • Duration:
    1h 15min
  • Venue:
    The Arts House Play Den
    The Arts House Play DenThe Arts House Play Den
  • Admission:
  • Advisory:
    Recommended for adult audiences ages 16 and above. No admission for children below 12 years


Enter worlds where not everything is as it appears to be. The Illusion of Truth explores our relationship with the truth. How do we judge others and ourselves? How do we use legends and myth to explain the natural world around us? These stories will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Prepare for an unforgettable experience! Mara Menzies draws from her African and Scottish heritage to give insight into three fascinating, thought-provoking tales from Kenya, Scotland and Nigeria.

The Changeling (Scottish traveller tale)
A tale of an infant child who wouldn't stop crying for he had been 'taken' by the faerie folk. In order to get their true child back, the parents must pass a terrible test of faith.

Ochosi (Cuba/Nigeria)
The young hunter Ochosi desires to join the ranks of the Orisha gods. But he must please the gods with a special gift. And this gift comes with a price he must pay.

The Woman who wanted to Eat Meat (Kenya)
According to Gikuyu tradition women were not allowed to eat meat. But Washu discovered the taste of meat and breaks the rules of her tribe. And there are consequences to bear...

The Illusion of Truth (Asian Premiere)