Catch Me If You Can (Free Mentalism Performance)

Organised by: Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay
Performed by: Frederick Mentalism: The Singapore Mentalist
  • Date:
    1, 2 Jun 2018
  • Time:
    Fri: 10:30pm
    Sat: 9:00pm & 10:30pm
    Note: The 10:30pm shows on both days are the same. The 9:00pm show on 2 Jun will be unique.
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Esplanade Concourse
    Esplanade Concourse Esplanade Concourse
  • Language:
  • Admission:
    Admission is free.
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Mentalist Frederick Choo plays detective with an audience full of suspects. Will you be able to keep a poker face and deceive the investigator? Using a mix of magic and psychology, Frederick creates mental illusions that both astound and confound audiences.

Frederick is a Singapore mentalist who has honed his craft since 2014, creating unique, never-seen-before routines. In his highly interactive shows, he demonstrates abilities of lie-detection, mind reading and psychological influence. He also includes magic to cater to visual audiences in his show. One of his specialties is Rubik's Cube magic as he was a professional Speedcuber. He can read up to 10 minds simultaneously, plays icebreaker games such as "2 truths 1 lie" at walk-around events, and even enables members of the audience to read minds. A show by Frederick is bound to have you perplexed yet spellbound.

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Catch Me If You Can (Free Mentalism Performance)