The Village 宝岛一村

Organised by: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay
Performed by: 表演工作坊 (台湾) Performance Workshop (Taiwan)
  • Date:
    25 - 27 May 2018
  • Time:
    Fri & Sat: 7:30pm
    Sun: 2:30pm
  • Duration:
    3h 20min (including 20min intermission)
  • Venue:
    Esplanade Theatre
    Esplanade TheatreEsplanade Theatre
  • Language:
    Performed in Mandarin with English and Chinese surtitles
  • Admission:
    $38*, $58**, $88^, $118^
    Concessions for students, NSFs and seniors: $27*, $41**

    Upgrade your theatre experience with a pre-show backstage tour
    Limited Cat 1 tickets at $138. Only for Sat and Sun shows.
    (Sat: 5pm, Sun: 12pm, Meeting point: Esplanade Box Office)


"Big-hearted", "accessible", "humourous" and "obscenely tear-jerking" were some of the phrases used to describe this heartwarming play by internationally celebrated Chinese playwright and director Stan Lai and famed TV producer Wang Wei Zhong.

Experience the joys and trials of three families over three generations in a moving production that recaptures the spirit of the village communities, preserves this rapidly disappearing culture and heritage of Taiwan's Dependents' Villages, and tells a poignant immigrant story that is no less different from Singapore's.

In the late 1940s, Taiwan experienced an influx of new immigrants from China who were subsequently housed in what became known as Dependents' Villages. What were supposed to be temporary homes became permanent ones, and a thriving subculture emerged that would vibrantly colour Taiwan's cultural heritage forever.

After an international tour of over 200 shows that saw widespread acclaim and sold-out performances in Taiwan, China, and the US, and standing ovations in Singapore in 2009 and 2012, The Village returns to Esplanade to mark its 10th anniversary.

Co-produced by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and Performance Workshop

About Dependents' Villages
These villages thrived for nearly half a decade and more than 800 villages existed, each with their own unique culture and community. Today, less than 200 remain. Inspired by and based on a variety of real-life immigrant experiences, The Village brings you into the lives of these displaced people during this significant period in the history of Taiwan.



《宝》说的是一群方言与文化背景不同的人如何漂洋过海,来到陌生的台湾生活,最后安顿下来的故事。以三个眷村家庭、三代人的故事来贯穿,刻划出大时代的波澜壮阔;透过小人物的点点滴滴,述说着朴实动人的生命故事。也因为它和新加坡移民社会的背景很相似,这群人的焦虑、艰辛、欢笑与泪水,我们也都能感同身受 。



滨海艺术中心与表演工作坊 联合制作


The Village 宝岛一村