Grande De Bal

Organised by: NUS Centre For the Arts
Performed by: NUS Guitar Ensemble
  • Date:
    25 Mar 2018
  • Time:
  • Venue:
    NUS University Cultural Centre Theatre
    NUS University Cultural Centre TheatreNUS University Cultural Centre Theatre


Grande de Bal paints the image of a spectacular line-up of dance parties, with NUS Guitar Ensemble (GENUS) performing pieces ranging from classy waltz to fiery Spanish dances. Inspired by the film The Great Gatsby, where Jay Gatsby frequently hosted extravagant parties to impress the girl he loved, Grande de Bal captures an elegant balance between formality and informality, evoking an exciting range of emotions. Featured pieces entice those who love to dance through the repertoire from various countries, including Spanish composer Falla's La Vida Breve (Danse) and Austrian composer, Johann Strauss's Tik-Tak Polka. Anticipate a magnificent night; this is not a ball to be missed!

Group photo by TET Photography

Grande De Bal