Film, Talk/Workshop

The Future of Filmmaking Holiday Camp

Organised by: Objectifs
  • Date:
    21 - 23 Nov 2017
  • Time:
    Workshop A: Storytelling with Virtual Reality: 21 Nov, Tues, 2pm – 5pm
    Workshop B: Awesome Augmented Reality: 22 Nov, Wed, 2pm – 4pm
    Workshop C: Fun with 360 Filmmaking: 23 Nov, Thur, 1pm – 6pm

  • Venue:
    Objectifs (155 Middle Road S188977)
    Objectifs (155 Middle Road S188977)Objectifs (155 Middle Road S188977)
  • Language:
  • Admission:
    A – Storytelling with Virtual Reality: $90
    B – Awesome Augmented Reality: $70
    C – Fun with 360 Filmmaking: $135
    Participants may enrol in all three workshops for a discounted rate: $280
  • Advisory:
    Suitable for ages 8 to 16


The future of filmmaking is here! Virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 filmmaking are more than just buzzwords today. Get a headstart now. Try them out first hand, in our school holiday workshops taught by specialists in these emerging technologies.
Participants will learn the fundamentals of storytelling, filmmaking and even basic coding, and leave inspired to explore these exciting new directions further. No prior filmmaking experience is required and all equipment will be provided.

Workshop A: Storytelling with Virtual Reality / 21 Nov, Tues, 2pm - 5pm
Virtual reality allows us to bring imagined worlds to life more vividly than ever before.

In this class, we will write our own short stories and learn basic coding skills to bring them to life using a highly customisable, kid-friendly programme. No prior experience is needed – just your curiosity and imagination.

This workshop is ideal for beginners as coding will be done in "blockly" form, similar to Scratch.

Using a smartphone and the Google Cardboard VR device, we will immerse ourselves in the world of their story and see it come to life before our own eyes.

What's more, the fun and learning can continue at home! As this workshop uses a free browser-based platform, you can continue to explore VR further with the Google Cardboard device you will get to take home with you.

Participants are requested to bring a smartphone with them, to be used to view virtual reality content during the workshop.

Workshop B: Awesome Augmented Reality / 22 Nov, Wed, 2pm - 4pm
If you've enjoyed playing Minecraft or Pokémon Go, you've actually already seen augmented reality in action.

In this school holiday workshop, we will learn about how AR works, and how it can be used in everyday life.

What's more, we will move from just enjoying popular AR content and games, to creating our very own simple AR project by the end of the lesson!

Participants are requested to bring a smartphone or tablet with them, to be used to view augmented reality content during the workshop.

Workshop C: Fun with 360 Filmmaking / 23 Nov, Thur, 1pm - 6pm
360 video is an exciting new frontier in filmmaking that allows us to capture what's all around us, and create immersive video experiences.

In this highly interactive workshop, participants will be introduced to 360 filmmaking techniques and gain hands-on experience shooting 360 video with special cameras.

Working in small groups, we will write and film a short sequence or scene, edit it and share our work with the class. You will leave inspired by the possibilities of 360 filmmaking and with the basic skills to embark on your own projects.

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