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[Archicraft] Edible Gardens

Organised by: Singapore Institute of Architects
  • Date:
    14 Oct 2017
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Super Farmers Farm & Studio @ Wah Son Engineering
    Super Farmers Farm & Studio @ Wah Son EngineeringSuper Farmers Farm & Studio @ Wah Son Engineering


With the growing population in Singapore, our environment is increasingly urbanised; hence there is an ever-pressing need for more sustainable breathing spaces amongst our built environment.

The workshop will introduce participants to the concept of Urban Farming; its technical aspects and its integration with architecture. Participants will learn to reimagine leftover spaces in their homes, offices and search for opportunities to grow their very own 'mini farms' in these environments.

Cynthea Lam (Founder of Super Farmers)

Super Farmers is a Singapore-grown company established since 2015.

Super Farmers started out as an urban farming company, teaching Singaporeans to grow their own food and helping them install edible gardens in their urban homes. It was born out of sheer necessity. Super Farmers believes that through the process of farming, they can help people find happiness by guiding people to plant seeds of intention, find their purpose in life, and to live it with a constant harvest of joy and balance.

[Archicraft] Edible Gardens