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Pathey Nimidam 2017

Organised by: Ravindran Drama Group Co. Ltd
Performed by: The Kaizen M.D., The Writing Doctor/Ten-Minute Treats, WeCanDoIt, Underground Theatre, VER Theatre, A.D.I Concept, Wisdom of Monkeys Productions, Ravindran Drama Group
  • Date:
    21, 22, 23 Sep 2017
  • Time:
  • Duration:
    1h 30min (no intermission)
  • Venue:
    Aliwal Arts Centre, Multi-purpose Hall
    Aliwal Arts Centre, Multi-purpose HallAliwal Arts Centre, Multi-purpose Hall
  • Language:
    Tamil with surtitles in English
  • Admission:
    Early bird discounts: 4 tickets at $60 (Till 31st August)
    Ticket Price: $30 (standard), $20 (student concession)


Pathey Nimidam is a yearly Tamil theatre festival presented by Ravindran Drama Group. For this year Pathey Nimidam 2017, we will bring on board 8 theatre companies that will materialise into 8 short plays performances with the objective of promoting the concept of multiculturalism and the idea that "art is not bound by one language."

This event focuses more on fostering deeper appreciation of the arts and encourages more participation from theatre practitioners from all backgrounds. Henceforth, some of the theatre companies involved are not Tamil based but all pieces will be presented in Tamil with surtitles in English. We intend to reach out to non-Tamil audiences to fulfil the objective of the event and provide performers with wider reach to exhibit their play.

The theatre companies involved are

1. The Kaizen M.D.
2. The Writing Doctor/Ten Minute Treats
3. WeCanDoIt
4. Underground Theatre
5. VER Theatre
6. A.D.I Concept
7. Wisdom of Monkey's Production
8. Ravindran Drama Group

Pathey Nimidam 2017