Visual Arts

Automarktic by Juls

Organised by: UltraSuperNew
  • Date:
    15 - 23 Sep 2017
  • Time:
    1:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Venue:
    UltraSuperNew (13 Bussorah Street Singapore 199434)
    UltraSuperNew (13 Bussorah Street Singapore 199434)UltraSuperNew (13 Bussorah Street Singapore 199434)
  • Admission:


UltraSuperNew is proud to host Automarktic, visual artist Juls' first solo show in Singapore. Fresh from an artist residency in Taiwan, this show is part of an ongoing investigation for Juls as she finds new marking patterns, strokes and techniques to create different texturesfor her large-scale wall paintings. Using the space as her canvas, viewers are immersed in the work and able to juxtapose their appreciation of each hand-marked stroke on the walls with those on the hanging canvas and paper pieces.

Through this exercise, she hopes for viewers to have a visceral understanding of what she experienced when creating the work. The show features 10 pieces of varying sizes (paint marker on paper, pencil on paper, and paint maker on canvas), which hang amidst a massive mural enveloping the gallery, and a time-lapse video projection documenting the wall-marking process played on loop.

The main focus of Juls' practice is exploring the subtlety of drawing through the act of mark-making. Exploring the alteration of narratives with an intended drawing methodology, she is interested in translating a mark through different mediums and multiple representations to convey unspoken thoughts. Juls makes abstraction deliberate and is looking for a harmony and melody in these written vibrations and formations.

Automarktic by Juls