Music, Festival

TONES 2017

Organised by: SOTA
Performed by: Variety of bands
  • Date:
    26 Aug 2017
  • Time:
  • Duration:
    3h 30 mins
  • Venue:
    *SCAPE (2 Orchard Link)
    *SCAPE (2 Orchard Link)*SCAPE (2 Orchard Link)
  • Admission:
    $8 (At-the-door or at


TONES is a celebrated annual music showcase (est. 2013) organised by a collective of students from the School Of The Arts, Singapore (SOTA). It provides a platform for talented, up and coming local music acts to showcase their talents. The bands that perform belong to a great variety of genres ranging from jazz and alternative indie to heavy metal. They are relatively new to the music scene and are looking to establish themselves as bonafide artists. TONES aims to provide these artists with a platform to be heard and appreciated by the music-loving youth of Singapore.

TONES 2017