Festival, Open Call

SIFA 2018 - Open call for proposals: Monuments series

Organised by: Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018
  • Date:
    14 Aug 2017
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Monuments are shared spaces where people have come together and now reflect a collective consciousness. As vestiges of national memories and meaning, monuments play pivotal roles in contributing to this shared identity.

To date, there are 72 buildings that have been gazetted as National Monuments (refer to www.roots.sg) -- some for their historic, cultural and traditional importance; others for their archaeological, architectural, artistic or symbolic significance. These monuments represent significant markers in Singapore's history, and they include government and civic institutions; military and world war II sites; medical and commercial buildings; schools, residences as well as places of worship.

SIFA 2018 invites artists to be part of an exciting project - creating site-specific works at one of these National Monuments. The works can be performances, readings, installations and exhibitions. These works can, for instance, investigate and uncover the social narratives and personal stories that are embedded in these monuments. They may also seek to engage with communities who are still inhabiting the space or bring forth new perspectives. For full details, click here: https://goo.gl/jVzvVp

Concept proposals in any art form should be submitted via email to sifaprog@artshouse.sg. Submissions have to be received by 14 Aug 2017