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Lu Xun Blossoms《鲁镇往事》

Organised by: The Theatre Practice 实践剧场
Performed by: Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre (China) 上海话剧艺术中心
  • Date:
    24 - 27 Aug 2017
  • Time:
    Thu - Sat: 8:00pm
    Sat - Sun: 3:00pm
  • Duration:
    Approximately 1h 30min with no intermission 演出时长约1小时30分钟,无中场休息
  • Venue:
    Practice Space 实践空间 (54 Waterloo Street S187953)
    Practice Space 实践空间 (54 Waterloo Street S187953)Practice Space 实践空间 (54 Waterloo Street S187953)
  • Language:
    Performed in Mandarin with English surtitles 华语演出,附英文字幕


Lu Xun's short stories comes to life in physical theatre

What do you get, when you take Lu Xun's literary works and bring it into contemporary physical theatre?

The first co-production between Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre and Theatre Smith-Gilmour (Canada), Lu Xun Blossoms reinvents the works of Lu Xun (An Incident, Ah Chang and the Classics of the Mountain and Sea, Knowledge is Evil, Kong Yi Ji, New Year Sacrifice) into a fulfilling theatre performance. Since its premiere in 2007, Lu Xun Blossoms has toured to over 40 countries and territories such as China, Canada, and Germany to wide acclaim.



《鲁镇往事》由上海话剧艺术中心和加拿大史密斯·吉尔莫剧团(Theatre Smith-Gilmour)共同创作。此剧巧妙地将鲁迅的五部作品《一件小事》、《阿长与〈山海经〉》、《知识即罪恶》、《孔乙己》和《祝福》串联成一气呵成的剧场演出。自2007年以来,《鲁镇往事》曾在中国、加拿大、德国等全球四十多个国家和地区上演,并获得广泛好评。

Lu Xun Blossoms《鲁镇往事》