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Guilty Landscapes III

Organised by: Singapore International Festival of Arts
  • Date:
    31 Aug - 9 Sep 2017
  • Time:
    3:00pm - 11:00pm
  • Duration:
    10min (An event for one audience member at one time.)
  • Venue:
    72-13, 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007
    72-13, 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 23900772-13, 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007
  • Admission:
    $25 (Registration Required)
    20% discount for students, NSFs and seniors.
    Use ticket to also visit The Nature Museum at the same venue.

    This programme is eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy.


In an interactive video installation, the protagonist on the evening news looks directly at the viewer, providing a framework for each viewer to scrutinise his or her own feelings of discomfort. Dutch theatre-maker and visual artist Dries Verhoeven asks us: What if the people we watch on the news can look back at us? What if the gaze is reversed?

The 24-hour news cycle, continuously available on laptops, TVs and smartphones, makes us perpetual witnesses to complex situations across the globe. We feel uneasy with the confrontation of presumed poverty and desperation. Guilty Landscapes III transports images of uncomfortable responsibility into the white cube of a gallery.

In the otherwise empty space, a disconcerting landscape is projected on a large wall. As soon as a viewer steps into the room, he or she becomes an integral part of the installation. Every viewer experiences a truly individualised connection to the situation on screen. Suddenly, feelings of distance and proximity seem to merge.

Guilty Landscapes III challenges feelings of guilt and shame. The project investigates psychological complexes, such as the guilt of privilege and social hyper-awareness, all the while asking whether it is possible to reverse such relative social positions. Is it possible to meet the presumed victims without assumptions and pity?

In 2016, Verhoeven created a series of four episodes of Guilty Landscapes, commissioned by and for various European cities. Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) will show the third episode from this series.

An event for one audience member at one time.

Registration is required for this event.

Asia-Pacific Premiere.

Guilty Landscapes III