Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop, Festival

AFCC 2017 Fun with Languages for children

Organised by: National Book Development Council of Singapore
  • Date:
    26 Aug 2017
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Various libraries
    Various librariesVarious libraries
  • Language:
    Chinese, Malay and Tamil


Color Your Reading! 给阅读涂上颜色!
The more children enjoy reading, the more they will read. Why not make their reading experiences filled with fun and colours? With a task of relating reading with colours, children will be able to experience a fun and enriching session where they will be able to let off their creativity and imagination.
Language: Chinese
Age: 7-9 years

Have Fun with Public Speaking , Sesi Pengucapan Awam Yang Menyeronokkan dan Berkesan
Speaking skills are very useful for your everyday life as it helps you to build strong relationships with the people around you. Learn some fun techniques to bring out the speaker hiding within yourself! Call to Action these powerful oral skills!
Language: Malay
Age: 5-9 years old

Fun stories in Beautiful Tamil – It's Storytime!
தித்திக்கும் தமிழில் கேளிக்கை கதைகள் – கதைக் கேளு, கதைக் கேளு!
Children! Are you ready to enter a fantasy world of animals? Join your friend Sashi in this journey and enjoy the Art of storytelling! With fun activities like drawing, props making, writing and telling a story, it will be an enjoyable hour of entertainment for the little ones.
Language: Tamil
Age: 5-9 years

AFCC 2017 Fun with Languages for children