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25th Israel Film Festival

Organised by: The Embassy of Israel
  • Date:
    24 Aug - 10 Sep 2017
  • Venue:
    The Projector, The Arts House
    The Projector, The Arts HouseThe Projector, The Arts House


The Embassy of Israel has been bringing to you a celebration of Israeli culture in the form of Israeli films. Every year the Israel Film Festival showcases carefully selected feature films, which not only provides the viewers with a diverse reflection of Israel but also enriches the audience with a more authentic and real view of Israeli culture and society.

The films tell stories of a vibrant, conflicted, modern society grappling with issues that audiences throughout the world can relate to.

We pride ourselves in showcasing award-winning Israeli movies made with heart. This year we have a HUGE surprise planned for you, as we get together to celebrate 25 Anniversary of the Israel Film Festival in Singapore.

We welcome you all to join us as we bring Israel a little bit closer to you!

The Projector: 24 Aug - 3 Sep
The Arts House: 8 - 10 Sep

25th Israel Film Festival