Where's the speficifisfety

Organised by: Lee Mun Wai & Lee Ren Xin
  • Date:
    20, 22 Jul 2017
  • Time:
    20 Jul: 8:00pm
    22 Jul: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
  • Duration:
    50min without intermission, followed by artist Q&A
  • Venue:
    Aliwal Arts Centre, Multi-Purpose Studios
    Aliwal Arts Centre, Multi-Purpose StudiosAliwal Arts Centre, Multi-Purpose Studios
  • Language:
    Non-verbal performance 非语言性演出


Where's the speficifisfety zooms in on the micro, the detailed, and the nuanced. The work opens the space to the precious encounters between two bodies (or entities) in space, how each entity listens to — and negotiates with— the propositions and responses within and between themselves, and with their environment. The audience thus bears witness to the performance of the present moments as the artists meet, engage and negotiate with each other, and attempt at relating even as the relationship shifts, culminating in a series of delightfully delicate (and occasionally precarious) encounters.

As dance artists who have been in the process of exploring their individual approaches to dance and choreography, Where's the Speficifisfety serves as a meeting point for co-artists Lee Mun Wai and Lee Ren Xin. Originally using the words "locate" and "location" as thematic departure points for their creation process, the work is like a map charting their individual artistic interests and their interactions with each other. The work taps into the deep intuitive spaces in both of their bodies. Rather than create a work driven by a clearly spelt out and close-ended concept, they tap into bodily sensations, negotiating and discovering ideas and situations as they move through the work.

The work is held together by a structure that allows for fluidity and shifts. Their journeys through the work are clearly signposted. But in between these sign posts, improvisational spaces keep the work alive from performance to performance.

Movement in this work serves as a revealing and communicative tool between the two performers as well as to the audience. Through the movement, the audience witnesses the unfolding of several situations and encounters between the two dancers, weaving a rich and nuanced relationship between them.

Where's the speficifisfety