The Insect Play

Organised by: NTU Epiphany: Theatre and Writing Society
  • Date:
    8, 9 Jun 2017
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Aliwal Arts Centre, Multi-purpose Hall
    Aliwal Arts Centre, Multi-purpose HallAliwal Arts Centre, Multi-purpose Hall
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Written in 1921 by the Čapek brothers, The Insect Play is a masterful fantastic farce in which an inebriated drifter, disgusted with humanity, wanders into the forest, and observes the lives of the insects around him. He looks upon, and occasionally interacts with, militaristic ants, philosophising moths, slick parasites, and obsessed beetles.

An immediate hit on Broadway soon after it was published, the play is an allegorical commentary on society and totalitarianism. Through its disguise in comedy and elaborate staging designs, The Insect Play relates the themes of life and death, morals and morality that still resonates today.

Epiphany's take on the The Insect Play will harmonise an industrial set-design with an immersive soundscape consisting of digital and live music.

About NTU Epiphany
We're a relatively young club, so don't be surprised if you haven't heard of us. Every year our Theatre Wing stages plays by students and for students. Our Publication Wing strives to raise awareness to the best student works on campus and to spread the literary word.

The Insect Play marks the first annual production held outside Pulau NTU, so join us at Aliwal Centre for a night of revelry and weird philosophical musings!

Directors: Isaac Chong & Isaac John Yeo

Actors: Gerald Gien, Melissa Butt, Amirah Kahar, Rachel Kwan, Rajkumar Thiagaras, Nivedha Maran, Vivian Ong, Shi Xiao, Zhuang Jiefeng

Production Team: Zahrah Aljufri, Nabilah Rosli, Blysse Ling, Adlina Bte Ashar, Michelle Chua, Marion Yeo, Stephanie Soh, Naavin, Nurhidayah Bte Md Sham, Jacy Teo, Jovelle Leong, Rachel Kwan, Sarah Supaat

The Insect Play