The Studios 2017: This Chord and Others by Timothy Nga

Organised by: The Esplanade Co Ltd
Performed by: Neo Hai Bin, Thomas Pang and Pavan J Singh
  • Date:
    30 Mar - 2 Apr 2017
  • Time:
    Thu – Sat: 8:00pm
    Sat & Sun: 3:00pm
  • Duration:
    Approximately 1h 30min (no intermission)
  • Venue:
    Esplanade Theatre Studio
    Esplanade Theatre StudioEsplanade Theatre Studio
  • Language:
  • Admission:
    Students: $17
    NSFs & Seniors: $25
    Package of 4: $130 (Applicable for any 4 tickets to any shows at The Studios 2017)


This Chord and Others
Written by Haresh Sharma
Directed by Timothy Nga
A commission by The Studios

"Sparkling wit and ironic references all through the play, not only make it hugely funny, but also leaves lingering questions that polite people will not bring up...Can we get on with life, unfettered by race, language, religion and culture?" The Business Times

This Chord and Others is a comedy about friendship and a witty exploration of identity through the eyes of three young men, Sukdev, Gerald and Thomas. The three friends work together and enjoy spending time with one another, until a job promotion and office talent time come between them, leading the men to discover new truths and challenges about their race, religion, background and friendship.

First staged in 1991, and last performed in 2000, This Chord & Others is one of the first full-length comedies written by Haresh Sharma. This revival of the play, staged 25 years after it was first written, asks, "How do we carry the vestiges of our various histories?"

This 2017 re-staging is directed by Timothy Nga and stars Neo Hai Bin, Thomas Pang and Pavan J Singh, with creative design by Bani Haykal Mohamed, Bernice Ong, Adrian Tan, Ong Kian Peng and Koh Wan Ching.

The Studios 2017: This Chord and Others by Timothy Nga