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NUS Arts Festival 2017 - Vibrational

Organised by: NUS Centre For the Arts
Performed by: The Observatory feat. NUS Guitar Ensemble and NUS Talents
  • Date:
    25 Mar 2017
  • Time:
  • Venue:
    University Cultural Centre Hall
    University Cultural Centre HallUniversity Cultural Centre Hall


The Observatory – a name that implies passive objectivity, but which really describes a band whose musical output is an impassioned response to the society it is enmeshed in; a society divided, and in tumult, where new forms of oppression must be actively met with new strategies for resistance.

Vibrational expands The Observatory line-up into an orchestra, uniting 30 young guitarists in a mammoth ensemble. An extended performance of intensity and solidarity, vibrations of shifting rhythms, synth bass space, oscillators and abused guitars, with repetition and urgency at the heart of their riff. A strong sonic identity is established through the physicality of vibrations that result from beat frequencies created by interacting guitars, magnifying the multi-dimensional qualities of music and sound.

NUS Arts Festival 2017 - Vibrational