MAAD Pyjamas 2017 Jan

Organised by: Red Dot Design Museum Singapore
  • Date:
    13 Jan 2017
  • Time:
    5:00pm - 12:00am
  • Venue:
    Red Dot Design Museum Singapore
    Red Dot Design Museum SingaporeRed Dot Design Museum Singapore
  • Admission:
    Free admission


MAAD, Market Of Artists And Designers, is the largest recurring creative marketplace in Singapore promoting creations, designs, innovations and originality. It is initiated by the museum in 2006.

One Friday night of each month, the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore hosts a creative platform, MAAD [Market of Artists And Designers] for enterprising creatives to showcase their works and talents. Since July 2006, MAAD has been running with a seed funding from Creative Community Singapore program launched by the Ministry of Information, Community and the Arts. The event have since attracted some 3,000 attendees at the monthly gathering and have become an effective contact point to test-market the viability of creative ideas and an opportunity for artists to associate and connect as a community.

MAAD is the longest and largest recurring creative marketplace in Singapore, promoting creations, designs, innovations, creativity and originality. The marketplace have since grown to host one of the largest concentration of creatives. In addition, multidisciplinary artist Andy Yang curates the music segment MAAD Sounds! The live performance involves many homegrown musicians performing original music, designed sounds.

You can also get your portrait drawn by the artistic community at the Organisation of Illustrators Council's #PortraitsAfterDark.

Singapore's artistic and design community gathers monthly at the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore for a night of pop-ups, and promises a monthly dosage of talented artistry, design, creativity, and late night shopping!

MAAD Pyjamas 2017 Jan