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M1 华文小剧场节 Chinese Theatre Festival 2016: 《月亮妈妈》 Mamma Luna

Organised by: 实践剧场 The Theatre Practice
Performed by: 顽剧场 Théâtre des Enfants Terribles
  • Date:
    11 - 14 Aug 2016
  • Time:
    Thu – Sat: 8:00pm
    Sat & Sun: 3:00pm
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Black Box@Centre 42
    Black Box@Centre 42Black Box@Centre 42
  • Language:
    Performed in Mandarin with English surtitles
  • Admission:
    Discount / Concessions: Refer to










A silent fable on the imminence of aging and death

When the moon comes, will you be ready?

I will leave my luggage, take off my coat, and flow away with the tide.

Mamma Luna, the legendary gigantic moon looms!

Granny waits alone in her room for her impending doom.

All of a sudden, lightning strikes and Granny vanishes with a boom!

A girl wanders into the room.

She now waits alone in the room for her impending battle against the moon!

Using the moon as a metaphor, Mamma Luna is an introspection on aging and death beneath its childlike and whimsical facade. Emerging Taiwan actress Huang Kai-lin deftly blends elements of clown, mime, mask and objects in this wordless performance, to capture intimate emotions beyond the grasp of words.

M1 华文小剧场节 Chinese Theatre Festival 2016: 《月亮妈妈》 Mamma Luna