Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

Beyond the SLP — Writing and Reading “Difficult” Topics

Organised by: Ethos Books
  • Date:
    10 Jul 2016
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    City Book Room
    City Book RoomCity Book Room
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Beyond the SLP and other literature prizes, what is the value of literature in itself? In particular, what is the value of literature that consciously chooses to discuss 'difficult' topics?
Enter a discussion with our 3 SLP nominated authors at the newly opened City Book Room. This is a discussion that extends into the world of mental illness, isolation in society and war scars.

Writing and Reading "Difficult" Topics
Why are we drawn to stories involving loss and other complex issues? When encountering stories shaped from personal experiences, what are some thoughts and emotions that go through our minds?

We want to recognise the challenge and also the value in writing about difficult things. What do writers experience when they choose to represent difficult topics? How do they strike a balance so that their stories avoid romanticising these issues, and become sites of contesting perspectives?

In this session, we also want to recognise the value and purpose in reading such stories. As readers, how can we contribute and what do we bring to representations of difficult topics?

Beyond the SLP — Writing and Reading “Difficult” Topics