Six arts events to kick-start the fresh new year

28 Dec 2016
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11 20161228 six arts events to kick start the fresh new year

We will say hello to the new year in a few days' time. The world saw some divisive opinions in 2016. Let's welcome 2017 with hope and enthusiasm. We highlight six events that you can take part in the first month of 2017 to contemplate the future, and to gain fresh perspectives of our society, our world, and ourselves.



M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2017: Art & Skin

The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival is an annual festival of theatre, dance, music, visual arts and mixed media created and presented by Singaporeans and international artists. Themed differently each year, the Festival aims to bring the best of contemporary, cutting-edge and socially engaged works to the Singapore audience.

When? 4 - 15 Jan. Details here.



Passing Town

There are many buildings and areas that is going to be demolished or forgotten due to urban policies or social circumstances. In some societies, building booms during periods of high economic growth have resulted in a collection of contemporary ruins that are now neglected due to a lack of resources or need for their use. In other contexts, architecture emerges as a result of decision-making processes that allocate minimal resources to the basic human need of habitation. This show will discuss temporal scenarios of human spaces and dwellings, with five installations and an artist talk.

When? 6 - 11 Jan. Details here.


7 20170114 state of motion 2017 through stranger eyes exhibition tours

State of Motion 2017: Through Stranger Eyes | Exhibition Tours

Within the duration of 3 hours, participants will be presented with a compilation of film clips and guided around Singapore from the Pavilion at National Library Building to five film locations of the featured films. A site-specific artwork in response to each film awaits their encounter.

When? 14 - 22 Jan. Details here.



Dialogue: VSA Art Exhibition 2017

With an ambition to build a culture of inclusion for artists with disabilities, Dialogue is a curated art exhibition organised by Very Special Arts Singapore that aims to eliminate the misconception that artists with disabilities are unable to produce fine art. This exhibition gathers more than 20 pieces of artworks by Gregory Burns (Polio) and Chng Seok Tin (Visually Impairment) in the space of Visual Arts Centre to share their concerns about the society as well as their struggles of being a disabled artist in Singapore.

When? 18 - 23 Jan. Details here.


7 20170119 noise art mentorship showcase proposals for waterloo hd

Noise Art Mentorship Showcase: Proposals for Waterloo

At Waterloo Centre, artists take over the pockets of space between residential and commercial areas. A structure stretching across the plaza is wrapped in black. A cave is constructed using objects discarded by residents. A painter plays with the aging textures of the building's architecture. 12 artists. 12 new proposals for encountering space.

When? 19 - 31 Jan. Details here.


20170119 the singapore palestinian film festival 2017

The Singapore Palestinian Film Festival 2017

Founded in 2016, the Singapore Palestinian Film Festival (SPFF) is a non-profit enterprise that showcases the work of Palestinian film makers and artists in Singapore. The aim of this festival is to provide a viable platform for Palestinian film makers and artists, in Singapore, to tell their stories and alternate narratives. We hope that the festival reflects the ever-changing diversity of Palestine, and we hope that through this festival, we can unite the different communities of Singapore to engage in discussions around film, art and culture.

When? 19 - 22 Jan. Details here.