Music, Dance

Radin Mas

Organised by: Bhaskar's Arts Academy
Performed by: Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts (Singapore) and Bhaskar's Arts Academy
  • Date:
    14 Oct 2023
  • Time:
  • Duration:
    90min, no interval
  • Venue:
    Victoria Theatre
    Victoria TheatreVictoria Theatre
  • Language:
    English and Tamil (surtitles provided)


As the curtains rise, the audience is drawn into a tale of forbidden love, jealousy, bravery and sacrifice. One discovers the tumultuous life of Princes Radin Mas Ayu who was born of a secret marriage between Prince Pengeran and a commoner. Furious at the union, the Sultan ordered the murder of the family. Radin Mas and her father survived the attempt and escaped to Singapore (then called Temasek) to start life anew.

Alas, her life was to be filled with even more turmoil as she was threatened with the death of her father unless she married Tengku Bagus, the nephew of her stepmother. A rescue by her stepbrother Tengku Chik was short-lived as a further attempt was made by Tengku Bagus to kill Pengeran. While trying to shield her father from being stabbed by a keris, Radin Mas tragically perished instead.

Two distinct artistic worlds meld seamlessly to bring this heart-wrenching legend to life on stage.

Radin Mas