Ocean of Songs 2022

Organised by: Metro Philharmonic Society
Performed by: Metro Philharmonic Choir, Vox Camerata Community Choir, National University of Singapore Society Choir, Chordinate Singers
  • Date:
    25 Jun 2022
  • Time:
    7:30pm - 9:00pm
  • Duration:
    1h 30min, no intermission
  • Venue:
    Victoria Concert Hall
    Victoria Concert HallVictoria Concert Hall
  • Admission:
    $20 (not inclusive of booking fee)
    10% discount for group booking of 10 Tickets

    Admission rules:
    1. Admission to show by full ticket only. Printed tickets must be produced for admission.
    2. Photography, videography, and social media live streaming are strictly prohibited.
    3. No food and beverage are allowed into the venue.
    4. There will be no admission for infants in arms and children below 6 years old. Individuals 6 years old and above will be required to purchase a ticket for admission.


After 2 years of hiatus, the Metro Philharmonic Society is back in Victoria Concert Hall to present Ocean of Songs. Joined by guest choirs Vox Camerata, National University of Singapore Society (NUSSS) Choir and Chordinate Singers, this concert takes a nostalgic trip down the memory lane with a repertory of popular and folk melodies sung in Singapore, including familiar favourites heard on the TV and movies.

The songs that Metro Philharmonic Choir will be presenting include "Partridge Cries" (which will be sung in Hainanese dialect), "You are my Solace" and "Blessing" (a popular movie episode in the 50s—60s of last century). The choir will be led by Mr. Ng Eng Kee. Chordinate Singers, led by conductor Mr. Acid Pang, will be performing "Westbound from Yangguan" (music composed by Acid Pang) and "BIg Fish". Vox Camerata Community Choir will perform local composer Zechariah Goh's arrangement of Lok Sui Ten (a Hakka folk song) and local composer Kenneth Tay's 'Flowers of the Forest, among other songs. The Vox Camerata Community Choir will be conducted by Mr. Sun Boxi and Ms. Samantha Wee. NUSS Choir, conducted by Mr. Adyll Hardy, will round off the program with evergreen tunes such as 'You'll Never Walk Alone' and 'Climb Every Mountain'.

We invite you to witness the power of choral music, connecting the different choral communities into one big family to share the joy of singing with you.



《星市合唱团》将联同本地新成立的《合悦唱团》,《Vox Camerata Community Choir》以及《NUSS Choir》呈献多首由我国青年音乐家创作或改编的合唱曲,包括冯时泽的<鹧鸪啼>(以海南方言演唱的海南民谣),<还好有你>,<西出阳关>,<城里的月光>(电视剧"豆腐街"主题曲),梁洁莹的<祝福>("血染海棠红"插曲),吴多才的<落水天>(客家山歌),Kenneth Tay的等。另外,还有一些作品是以英语演唱的,如音乐剧The Sound of Music 中的等。

值得指出的是此次演出是《合悦唱团》的处女秀,初试啼声的《合悦唱团》是由年轻的音乐工作者冯时泽领导,他不但指挥合唱团,也为演出创作或改编了多首歌曲。他也曾经是星市青年合唱团的成员。指挥合唱演出的还包括黄荣基,Adyll Hardy,孙柏熙以及黄淑恩。


Ocean of Songs 2022