Visual Arts, Open Call

Open Call 2022

Organised by: Straits Gallery
  • Date:
    1 Mar - 15 May 2022
  • Venue:
    Straits Gallery
    Straits GalleryStraits Gallery
  • Admission:
    For more information, please visit our website: or follow us on Instagram/Facebook.


Straits Gallery is pleased to announce the Open Call 2022 of which a group show will be held at Straits Gallery (May 20 – June 20, 2022). This exhibition will provide unparalleled exposure for the artists with comprehensive industry attendance and media coverage.

Straits Gallery is a private art gallery based in Singapore. The gallery is home to Koeh Sia Yong Art Museum, showcasing the largest collection of Koeh's works in Singapore. Straits Gallery believes that art should be accessible to all. The gallery is thus located in an industrial warehouse in the heartlands of Singapore. The gallery aims to provide a platform for both emerging artists and masters to showcase their work, championing both contemporary and traditional art in all matters of subjects and mediums. The gallery thus hopes to encourage conversations about what art is.

Open Call 2022