Visual Arts

Shore Seekers World by Ayer Ayer

Organised by: The Substation
  • Date:
    1 Apr 2021 - 1 Apr 2022
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Created by ecologically-engaged art collective Ayer Ayer Project, ShoreSeekers.World is an online 360 VR artwork that shares the experience of traversing the world of shore debris trash. ShoreSeekers.World is a digital extension of the Shore Debris Table artwork created by Ayer Ayer Project in 2019.


ShoreSeekers is an opportunity to consider our relationship with plastics. Players, in assuming the role of debris collectors working their way across the Johor Straits, are prompted to develop a deeper understanding of the plastic pollution crisis, in its complexities and contradictions. Can we truly think of ourselves as detached from nature, at a time where microplastics have found their way into the air, our food and even our bodies? How do we make sense of the various scales at play – time, space and our sense of agency?

Shoreseekers also draws upon the histories embedded in our coastlines. The Orange Laut, sea-faring indigenous peoples who first settled in the area, are deeply intertwined with that of the sea. Their understanding of the marine world is layered with their beliefs and culture – this site was first recorded by their ancestors; the next spot is excellent for fishing; that area over there is inhabited by spirits, and should be crossed carefully.

The Johor Straits are thus reframed as a site of (re)discovery, rather than an environment that needs to be transformed and wrestled into obedience.

Shore Seekers World by Ayer Ayer