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Conductor Kahchun Wong teams up with the NomadPlay app to offer Asian musicians a chance to perform in Paris

Organised by: NomadPlay
  • Date:
    22 Oct - 22 Nov 2020
  • Venue:
    Nomadplay App
    Nomadplay AppNomadplay App
  • Language:
    English, French
  • Admission:
    Based on purchase of scoresheet on Nomadplay's app or desktop platform
  • Advisory:
    18 years and above


As part of the 2020 vOilah! France Singapore Festival, music platform NomadPlay has developed a new touchpoint for Asian musicians through a digital competition of a brand-new kind, partnering up with Kahchun Wong and the National Orchestra of Île-de-France.

With NomadPlay having recently launched in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan over summer, the French startup is expanding throughout Asia, to give more musicians the chance to play along with famous orchestras and prestigious artists. Bringing together French and Singaporean talents, NomadPlay has recorded two new masterpieces with Singaporean conductor Kahchun Wong and the Orchestre national d'Île-de-France. The recordings will be uploaded on NomadPlay in the coming months, beginning with the 1st movement of Franck's Symphony in D which will be released on 23rd October. A video recording of the live performance of Kahchun Wong and the Orchestre national d'Île-de-France will also premiere during the Finale programme of the vOilah! Festival, on 22nd November.

From 23rd October to 15th November, Asian musicians from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia will also be able to take part in the very first NomadPlay Competition. Participants can choose between two categories – "Revelation" for advanced musicians, and "Young Talent" for under 18s. Participants stand to win prizes such as an all-expense paid trip to Paris to play live with the Orchestre national d'Île-de-France, for the winner of the "Revelation" category, as well as vouchers from Asia's leading music instrument retailer and distributor, Swee Lee, and NomadPlay Premium subscriptions.

Kahchun Wong and the Orchestre National d'Île-de-France will close vOilah! 2020 on 22nd November 2020 with guest performances from shortlisted participants of the competition. For more information on how to take part in the competition, visit the website here. Find out more about NomadPlay here

vOilah! 2020 runs from 22nd October to 22nd November 2020. For more information, visit their website here, and their Facebook page here

Conductor Kahchun Wong teams up with the NomadPlay app to offer Asian musicians a chance to perform in Paris