Theatre, Talk/Workshop, Open Call

New Scripts Garage Nov 2023: Malay-language Edition

Organised by: Centre 42 and Teater Ekamatra
  • Date:
    14 - 18 Oct 2023
  • Venue:
    42 Waterloo Street
    42 Waterloo Street42 Waterloo Street
  • Language:


The New Scripts Garage is a regular offer of dramaturgical support for new scripts, convened every other month, with low barriers to entry. On a regular basis, we open our inboxes for script submissions from playwrights seeking dramaturgical support for their work.

For the November 2023 cycle, we are collaborating with Teater Ekamatra to offer a Malay-language edition, that will accept up to eight scripts through an Open Call.

This programme prioritises writer development over polish, and aims to get the writer excited to work on the next draft of their script, with a clearer sense of where to go.

Script Eligibility:

- We are accepting plays in the Malay-language or predominantly (at least 80%) in the Malay-language for this special edition. Translations are welcome where available.
- We are not accepting straight adaptations of other work (e.g. novels, films), but will accept adaptations with a clear creative, re-inventive, and/or radical approach.
- We prioritise completed drafts of full length plays and shorter plays. We may consider partially complete drafts of scripts with extensive scenes.

New Scripts Garage Nov 2023: Malay-language Edition