Music, Open Call

Composer's Drawing Board Vol. 1

Organised by: Duo Tarenna
  • Date:
    31 Aug - 31 Oct 2023


Duo Tarenna, in collaboration with violinist Farah Wu, cellist Chan Sihan and flutist Paul Huang, is delighted to announce its first open commissioning call for 1-2 composers to have a new work premiered in the second half of 2024. The total commissioning fee available is $1000, which will be divided in the case of two composers being selected. The new work(s) should be 5 to 15 minutes duration for 3 to

5 instruments from the following instrument list:

2 violins (Farah Wu, Tan Tiag Yi)
1 viola (Cindy Ow)
1 cello (Chan Sihan)
1 flute (Paul Huang)

In addition to being commissioned to write a new work, the selected composer(s) will collaborate with the musicians to program the rest of the concert repertoire. The pieces for the concert should be selected to draw connections between the selected composer's practice and that of the numerous musical cultures that inform it, forming a snapshot of a living composer's sound world. The selected composer(s) must be willing to participate in a post-concert dialogue hosted by the musicians and to be interviewed for social media publicity as part of this project, as well as to participate in other public engagement programmes as decided by Duo Tarenna. The selected composer(s) will also host the concert featuring their music.

Composer's Drawing Board Vol. 1