The Studios 2019

The weight of a stone in a pocket is an uncommon yet familiar affair. It is easy to forget that it is there. Then you reach in and find it again, feeling its weight, textures, ridges and bumps, and remember that there was a reason that it got there in the first place. A pocket, however, is not a permanent place for a stone; it is a vessel, a transitory space. How did the stone get there, and where might it go?

This is the image behind the stories and people of this 2019 season of The Studios.

  • RAW: Machine Empathy Crash Course

    Theatre 25 - 27 Apr 2019 At CulturFix, all our Virtual Assistants for Artists (VAA) embody our motto: Fix only that which is broken. As our VAA, you...
    Esplanade Annexe StudioEsplanade Annexe Studio
  • Plunge: Esplanade’s The Studios 2019

    Theatre, Talk/Workshop 21 Apr 2019 If you've caught any shows from Esplanade's The Studios 2019 season and can't wait to talk about them, come join...
    library@esplanade, Dance Villagelibrary@esplanade, Dance Village
  • My Grandfather's Road (RHDS) 阿爺條路 ~ 兔心龍魂

    Theatre 18 - 21 Apr 2019 Neo Kim Seng grew up in Pasir Panjang on Neo Pee Teck Lane, a side road named after his grandfather,...
    Esplanade Theatre StudioEsplanade Theatre Studio
  • Mergers and Accusations (R18)

    Theatre 11 - 14 Apr 2019 Jonathan and Ellen are best friends. They love each other*, got married, and had a child, just like everyone else. A fairy-tale ending, surely?
    Esplanade Theatre StudioEsplanade Theatre Studio
  • Miss British

    Theatre 4 - 7 Apr 2019 Who is Miss British? Is she the person wearing the crown or the one wearing the shackles? The person travelling...
    Esplanade Theatre StudioEsplanade Theatre Studio
  • Rubber Girl on the loose (R18)

    Theatre 28 - 31 Mar 2019 Urban legend has it that Sophocles, the Granddaddy of Tragedy, died from holding his breath while reciting a particularly long...
    Esplanade Theatre StudioEsplanade Theatre Studio