• 1 Table 2 Chairs Experimental Series 《一桌二椅实验系列》

    Theatre, Festival 25 - 27 Aug 2017 A culmination of three original works One table. Two Chairs. Twenty Minutes. Three Artists. The rules have been set. The...
    The Theatre Practice Rehearsal Studio 实践剧场排练室The Theatre Practice Rehearsal Studio 实践剧场排练室
  • Lu Xun Blossoms《鲁镇往事》

    Theatre, Festival 24 - 27 Aug 2017 Lu Xun's short stories comes to life in physical theatre What do you get, when you take Lu Xun's literary...
    Practice Space 实践空间 (54 Waterloo Street S187953)Practice Space 实践空间 (54 Waterloo Street S187953)
  • 剧焦点:《空转》创作之旅 FOCUS: The Artistic Journey of Blank Run

    Theatre, Talk/Workshop, Festival 20 Aug 2017 《空转》的创作团队郭践红、洪小婷、陈锦嫣和白静怡将和你分享这部多感官剧场作品如何从构思、排练到呈现...
    实践空间 Practice Space实践空间 Practice Space
  • 亲子工作坊:制偶操偶123 Parent-Child Workshop: Let’s Make a Puppet

    Theatre, Talk/Workshop, Festival 19 Aug 2017 让台湾三缺一剧团带领您和孩子制作可爱的晴天娃娃布偶,并通过简单的操偶手法让晴天娃娃动起来!
    42 新剧中心排练室 Centre 42 Rehearsal Studio42 新剧中心排练室 Centre 42 Rehearsal Studio
  • Blank Run 《空转》

    Theatre, Festival 17 - 20 Aug 2017 A girl reacquaints with confounding details of her past in a strange and isolated room / a girl recollects her...
    Practice Space 实践空间Practice Space 实践空间
  • The Little Child《男孩》

    Theatre, Festival 16 - 20 Aug 2017 The story of a boy in the fantastical world of puppets The first boy chases after an illuminated cloud, looking...
    Black Box@Centre 42 Black Box@Centre 42
  • The Seven Silences : Anger 《七种静默:忿怒》

    Theatre, Festival 10 - 13 Aug 2017 Angry roars from the lower depths of society A run-down house in the lower depths of society A group of...
    Black Box @ Centre 42 | 42新剧中心黑箱剧场 (42 Waterloo Street S187951)Black Box @ Centre 42 | 42新剧中心黑箱剧场 (42 Waterloo Street S187951)
  • The wee Question Mark and the Nameless - A Family Musical 《小问号和没名字》亲子音乐剧

    Theatre, Festival 3 - 13 Aug 2017 If one doesn't have a name, how do we address him? How do we recognise him...
    Practice SpacePractice Space

    Theatre, Talk/Workshop, Festival 30 Jul 2017 实践剧场将邀请新华剧体的几位代表人物,与您分享新加坡华语剧场的未来走向和展望...
    实践剧场排练室 The Theatre Practice Rehearsal Studio实践剧场排练室 The Theatre Practice Rehearsal Studio
  • 儿歌新唱计划:我们的儿歌说故事 The Nursery Rhymes Project: Imagine Our Songs

    Theatre, Music, Festival 15 Jul 2017 小朋友们,让我们一起唱出属于我们的儿歌!《儿歌新唱计划:我们的儿歌说故事》结合了著名作词人小寒的小故事...
    实践空间Practice Space (54 Waterloo Street Singapore 187953)实践空间Practice Space (54 Waterloo Street Singapore 187953)