Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop

Talk by Elizabeth Smith: Helen Frankenthaler in Her Time and Now

Organised by: STPI - Creative Workshop & Gallery
  • Date:
    29 Jun 2024
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  • Venue:
    STPI - Creative Workshop & Gallery
    STPI - Creative Workshop & GallerySTPI - Creative Workshop & Gallery


Join us for an insightful exploration of American painter Helen Frankenthaler's renowned artistic practice over the decades. Frankenthaler has long been recognised as one of the great American artists of the 20th century, and is widely credited for playing a pivotal role in the transition from Abstract Expressionism to Colour Field painting. This talk will discuss her equally-accomplished printmaking endeavours in the context of the overall arc of her work as a painter, and the confluences between these two modes of working.

Conducted by Elizabeth Smith, Executive Director of the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, New York, this talk will be a rare chance to understand the work of a major artist on an intimate level. It is held in conjunction with STPI's Annual Special Exhibition, Helen Frankenthaler: Prints 1977–2004, which is the largest showcase of Frankenthaler's prints in Singapore to date.

Talk by Elizabeth Smith: Helen Frankenthaler in Her Time and Now