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Siao Char Bors Comedy Presents: Steph Chan

Organised by: Siao Char Bors Comedy
  • Date:
    25 Apr 2024
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  • Venue:
    The Projector at Golden Mile
    The Projector at Golden Mile The Projector at Golden Mile
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Join the founder Siao Char Bors Comedy, Steph Chan, in the second restaging of her (almost) sold-out comedy special of 2023, Gold Star Bisexual! The first openly bisexual comedian on the Singapore scene, Steph will bring you on a journey of her life, her loves, and what it means to be a Gold Star Bisexual. It's a show about figuring out who you are at 11, and then spending the next few decades trying to get people to believe it. It's about how trying to be normal can backfire in the wildest of ways. Or maybe it's a story about never making up your mind. Either way, it's a party and everyone's invited. Expect quality jokes, messed up stories, bisexual puns and a moderate amount of finger guns.

Steph Chan (SG)
Steph Chan has been performing stand up since 2015 and is the host of Siao Char Bors Comedy, a monthly show which highlights women & queer comedians from Singapore and around the world. Steph was the first runner-up in Singapore's first-ever roast tournament in 2019 and has been described as "anecdotal and raunchy" (Bakchormee Boy) and "please stop embarrassing us" (her younger sister). Steph's ten years in stand up have seen her perform everywhere from Bangkok to New Orleans, from ice cream parlours to the National Gallery.

Siao Char Bors Comedy Presents: Steph Chan