Visual Arts

It's OK

Organised by: The Unskilled Boy
  • Date:
    13 Mar - 30 Apr 2024
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Autistic teen artist Alex Lim aka The Unskilled Boy has released his limited-edition It's OK postcards series on his website. The theme of the 12 postcards represents the 18-year-old's candid attitude to everyday situations and life in general. Alex centres the postcards' pictorial theme on his deep love for animals. It's OK comes from a meaningful lifelong learning for the autistic teen that's it's OK to be different and imperfect – and to accept things or people for who and what they are. Alex hopes to spread the message with his postcards to everyone.

About The Unskilled Boy
The artist has been developing his love for abstract art and pop-art since 10, working with acrylic, ink, oil pastels, watercolour, and pencils on canvas and paper. He finds beauty in the details, sometimes humorously, in his works of nature, animals and everyday things. Alex's style is bold and vibrant with detailed patterns. His paintings come from a place of honesty and love, straight from the heart. Alex's mission is to spread his art far and wide while keeping it affordable for all.

It's OK